How Ryan Shazier's Mom Protected His Mindset in Hospital

The Ed Mylett Show


That's where I want to go next is your parents. So I'm reading in your book, and by the way, you guys got to get this book. Let me just tell you. Just remember this walking miracle. Perfect title, by the way. But is it true your mom would sit outside your hospital room brother? And would make sure nobody cried when they'd come in to see you because she wanted to protect your mindset. Because I think everything in life is mindset, right? I'm going to go to your dad in a minute, but your mom, my understanding, what she would sit outside your hospital room. I think I said hotel room. Hospital room. And she would basically make sure before people don't you go in there and cry in front of him. Don't you hurt his mindset, don't you make him feel down? That's true, right? No, it's very true. The thing is, I didn't know this until later on. Everybody would come in and just be like, in a good mood, obviously most people, whenever you hung out with me, you're in a good mood. I like to joke around like a laugh. Everybody would be in a good mood, everybody would never really talk about my injury there. There's always talk about this, like, all right, when this happens, when that happens, I talk about a team, but then my parents and my wife told me like, didn't let anybody in there that didn't believe in what I believe in. So if you came in to visit me and you felt like I wasn't going to walk again, you weren't coming to that room. Wow. See, listen, everyone. This is that thing about who you're around and who you let infiltrate your mind and your spirit and your space. That's the ultimate version of this. I love what you just said. If you didn't think I was going to walk again, you don't get to come around. Like, and by the way, you don't think my dream is going to happen. You don't get to come around. You don't want to support me when I'm doing. You don't get to come around me anymore. This is how you protect your dream. That's how you protect your mind. So you protect your thinking.

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