Polio in US, UK and Israel reveals rare risk of oral vaccine


Poliovirus is recently found in New York Jerusalem and London were mutated versions of viruses that first originated in vaccines meant to stamp out the disease However rare scientists have long known that the oral vaccine made with the live virus can spread polio We are not going to eliminate polio from this world until we stop using the world polio vaccine Doctor Paul offit director of the vaccine education center at the children's hospital of Philadelphia says here in the U.S. we no longer give the oral vaccine with the live virus but the injectable containing the killed virus however in other parts of the world like poorer countries Much easier said than done because it's an expensive thing to do And it requires the kind of paramedical personnel that can give a shot In New York and unvaccinated young adults suffered paralysis in his legs after being infected with polio Doctor offit stresses everyone should be getting the injectable polio vaccine to keep themselves protected I'm Julie Walker

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