Salem Radio's Dennis Prager on the Importance of Talk Radio


Have written an amazing piece on your 40th anniversary of talk radio on the things you have learned in those four decades, 5 big lessons. I want to talk about a couple of them, but first, it's not in the article, but you told me how it all started and this peculiar weekend show where you had guests from different denominations. Will you tell us about that show at the beginning, Dennis? Because I love the concept. I began radio at the 32, I think 30, 34 years of age. And it was a blessing changed my life, obviously. There was an extremely popular show in Los Angeles on the ABC radio station. And I mean, so popular that eventually it became the most popular show in Los Angeles, despite the fact that it was broadcast on a Sunday Night, the least likely time for people to listen. But it dominated radio. It was called religion on the line, and it was dominant before I became the host. I just increased it, but I acknowledge it was I knew about it because everybody knew about it. A priest a minister in a rabbi would appear different ones each week, Catholic Protestant Jew, and the host. The host that I that they were thinking of letting go was secular and anti religious. And they were looking for a new host. I don't know if that was the reason, but they were. And by sheer good luck, my name was brought to the general manager of the station. And George green was a legend in radio and for whom I have only deepest gratitude for my life's journey, so he told this woman Roberta Weintraub May she rest in peace. The head of education in Los Angeles said, I need somebody who knows religion knows how to speak, but it's not a clergyman. And she said, I can't believe you're asking that. I just heard this kid at this Jewish institute here in Los Angeles. I went for a weekend there. I heard him lecture, he's terrific. And they said, oh, good, let's try him out. And in the middle of the show, the program director slipped me a note, I wish I had, I still had it. It changed my life. Tell them you'll be on next week.

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