Chilean Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Proposed Leftist Constitution


We were talking this morning about the kind of near miss in Chile. I think the reason I'm interested in Chile is because this is a prosperous country in South America. And it's prosperous because of markets, it's prosperous because of an explicit commitment to free market principles. And for this reason, the election of this Gabriel Boric, this leftist actually a communist in his youth, very bad guy. Very disturbing because I suppose what it could be is that because Chile is prosperous. They feel like they can take a chance. Well, and I have to say in chiles in the Chilean society, this whole notion of this wokeness has reared its ugly head down there. And so when he campaigned, he made the right wing candidate. I can't remember his name right now. Appear as a hateful, you know, a xenophobic. It didn't like indigenous people, didn't like, you know, people of color and Jose Antonio cast. Right cast. That's right. And so anyway, so that was kind of his, oh, and immigrants, immigrants. He hated immigrants. That was another thing. Very, very similar to the way that the Democrats behave in America. So he was testing the viability of this kind of woke politics.

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