Who Can Speak Freely on University Campuses?


However, I want to go to the list of the most absurd universities that you probably don't want to see in your kids too if you want them to have an open mind and have the freedom of speech. Skidmore, I have never heard of skidmore university. You just give more college as a private college. They're amongst the top 5 words. Georgetown university, I think it's rinsler, polytechnic, I could be saying it wrong, it's a private university. University of Pennsylvania and Columbia university. And so kids from Colombia university has something to say about them being ranked last, obviously there was a mixed emotions when they were interviewed on campus. But one of them said, I think everyone here is very open minded and so I'm not sure are really sure where this is coming from. And in the article we read, it says, however, Rihanna, a senior at Avi Lee school, said, of course, people think they can't say things. I think people think they might be judged by the majority. If you go through the statistics and you look at the biases, right? I mean, you would think that people on campus that are afraid to speak would be generally anybody who wants to speak out. However, there's a disproportionate representation of conservatives. That are afraid to speak out. According to statistical data from fire dot org, it says that conservative students are most likely to feel they can not express their opinions freely with 42% reporting that they often feel uncomfortable speaking freely compared to 13% of liberal students.

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