John McGuire Talks About Hosting an Event to Support Pres. Trump


Your support for former president Trump and this event that you are throwing and you're inviting everybody to come to it. Yes, you know, if you're sick and tired of government overreach, I hope you'll come out tomorrow. He's going to go down in history as having done more and four years for the American people than any president ever did in 8 years. And it's kind of funny, but true, but in the Virginia House of delegates in 2019, I had a Republican tell me I better not put a Trump flag on my truck or I'll lose because he was afraid, so I put two Trump flags on my truck and I drove around for 6 months and I had the second biggest win in Virginia. So I'm a big Trump supporter and they've treated him worse than any president ever and you mentioned earlier the double standard. There's two systems. There's the Democrat law and the Republican law. Can you talk about the 33,000 emails? You talk about the laptop and everything else that they're just covering up and then they're going to go down there and raid is exactly what it is. It's a rate. So we're going to protest that. We're going to support Trump and it will be tomorrow, Saturday 13 August, one to 3 p.m.. It will be at the food line in mannequin savage, which is gutzman county, Virginia. We live right down the road. But it will be 30 broad street road and we're telling people to wear your Trump gear, bring your Trump flags, bring your American flags, we'll have some special guest speakers there and everybody else.

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