There's Something Up With Liz Cheney, The Party Pooper


Liz Cheney has become, well, let's call her a real party pooper. And what I mean by this is that she is now pooping, not just over Trump, but over the Republican Party in general. She is pooping over Carrie Lake and Republican nominees all over the country. And she doesn't seem to have a kind of enduring commitment to being a Republican at all. In fact, she said recently that quote, if he is the nominee, namely Trump, I won't be Republican. Now, let's think about why somebody would say that. Let's say that you are a Christian. And you believe that mister X would be the perfect person to be, let's say, head of the Southern Baptist convention or be even the Pope, if you're Catholic, would it make sense to say, well, if they decide to choose Francis as the Pope. I'm no longer going to be a Catholic. Well, that really shows that your Catholicism is not really rooted in a kind of fidelity to Catholic principles, Catholic tradition, Catholic history, because if it were, it you'd be like, well, it's unfortunate that we got this boat. We could certainly do better. But the church has been around for 2000 years. It's got enduring principles. My point is, the very fact that Cheney is talking like this, suggests that something is up.

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