Caller Comments on Mark Davis & Mike Gallagher's Take on Biden's 'S.O.B.' Comment


Every morning I do a hit with Mark Davis on his morning show on 6 60 a.m. the answer in Dallas, we post every one of them on the Mike Gallagher show podcast, he and I are very like minded and we're dear Friends off the air as well as on, but once in a while we disagree, you can check out that podcast, by the way, as I guess Dale does in Detroit, Mike online dot com subscribe to our podcast. Get the M and M experiences we call it because it's a great, it's a great ten minutes or so of radio. And today was action packed. So whose side are you on on this one this morning, Dale? Well, first of all, I listen to it live and I'm on not on your side today. That's all right. Tell me, tell me why. So you don't think we look silly when we complain about Biden calling douchey an SOB after four years of mister mister Trump? In this particular case, context is key because in Trump's case, when he called Todd an SOB, it was right out in plain sight. He was doing a speech. And it was more like, oh, that's kind of a crazy SOB. SOB. He said, oh, he's a sleepy SOB. Whereas in this case, Biden said it kind of under his breath, aside. And he was actually calling him. It's a totally different thing. Yeah. I understand. But I just think we just you're not wrong. Mark wasn't wrong, it just to me appears kind of silly and sort of gives them a lot of ammunition when they say, you poor snowflake Trump supporters. You defended Trump for four years and now all of a sudden you're getting you're offended at Joe Biden calling Peter douche and SOB. It just seems silly to me. This laugh that we shot laughing off and realizes the other caller said, this is a symptom of Biden, Biden, losing complete control of this presidency.

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