Journalist John Solomon on Voter Rights and Suppression


And I'm proud to present to you on Sebastian gorka's show John Solomon John welcome to the program. Great to have you with us brother. It is good to be with you. Happy Monday. Happy Monday. Here we go and happy Martin Luther King day. John. You're our go to guy if I may. And so would you explain to me the pressing is voting rights situation? You know, John, I didn't know there was suppressing votes in America. I didn't know I always felt as a person who just showed up and voted my fault was being suppressed. My vote wasn't counted because I wasn't one illegal. Number two, I wasn't dead yet. Despite what you might hear right here. Explain, explain to me, what is going on with this voting rights like they double that and they go to Georgia where they might very well have been shenanigans down there and I'm being kind in the 2020 election, but they doubled down. Could you break down what they want to vote for? And what they will end up with down in D.C., please. Yeah. Well, first off, the bill is in some dire trouble because there are at least four Democrats that are holding the line on it. Joe Manchin, Kirsten sinema, Mark Kelly and I'm thinking that the fourth one now just gave my mind. But they've got a little bit of opposition in their own party, particularly in these Democrats that are in the swing states. And so the bill may not happen. It may go the road of the BBB and some of the other Biden democratic plans. But the big thing that Joe Biden talks about being Jim Crow two is the idea that it is inherently racist. It is voter disenfranchising to ask someone to show their ID before they vote or descend in an absentee ballot. And this is an interesting thing because every poll that I've seen in the last year, including one, we did it just to know news says 70 80% of Americans support this. But there's a fascinating new poll out in Michigan. It surveyed Michigan voters who voted in the last election. And here is the ticker. African American voters, the very voters that Joe Biden says are disenfranchised by a voter ID. They support voter ID by Uranus, 79%. In fact, black voters were more strongly supporting of voter ID than all other voters

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