Rep. Guy Reschenthaler on Why Democrats and Republicans Can't Agree Where the Money Should Go


What do you see? What do you tell the American people about hua Republicans and Democrats? Either party can not pass the way it's supposedly it's most straightforward function of government and that is to decide where the money goes. Yeah, it gets an absolute mass and a lot of the mess is really fueled by, I think just a lack of understanding from the outside of what the process is. And before, before I get to that, I'd be remiss if I didn't say this. Just getting back to big tactics briefly, we also need to adopt the European model of privacy, where individuals own their search history, and then they can sell it. So the big tech companies don't own it. We should adopt that to give a private property right in the search history. That would be the fourth thing we need to do with big tech I'd be remiss if I didn't say it. But getting back to the appropriations process, let's just say earmarks, for example, I grew up thinking earmark was a dirty word when I was not when I was not in. And then I came in and I realized very quickly in the state Senate in Pennsylvania where I served that it was one of the only ways that a legislator could fight back against the bureaucracy of the administrative branch. Because when I was in, we had at one point it's super majority in the state Senate Republicans. We had the second most liberal governor second only to Gavin Newsom in California. The only way I was going to get my constituents funding for some projects, et cetera was through the year more process. Now, we technically did away with earmarks before I got to the stage Senate, but we still had avenues to direct funding. And when I got to Congress, I found real fast. If I wanted to get funding for, let's say a lock and damn project on the monongahela river, which is a huge artery of our inland water system and a huge pillar in that inland water port that is the port of Pittsburgh. I was going to have to negotiate with some 20 something that just graduated from Yale or Harvard, who had never been on a walk and Dan has no idea how a lock and damn system operates has no idea why it's needed for industry and the movement of goods and services. And I was put in a position where I was elected by 780,000 people trusted to do a job for my district and then had to grovel behind some woke kid who just graduated from ily school. It's ridiculous. That's not how our system is formed.

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