Rep. Brooks: Trump's Strategy Was Pressuring NATO Countries to Step Up


But I'd like to talk to you about what's going on in Ukraine My first question for you you know I don't want to get into a Biden versus Trump thing specifically right now but I do want to get into a strategy conversation congressman president Trump was very unpredictable with the Russians You know he wiped out those Russian marks on the battlefield He had looked to expand magnitsky he had sanctioned the Nord stream to pipeline I made him very unpredictable of the predictable excuse me to Putin and Putin didn't really toy with him That all changed with the recent change in president This is causing a real problem here in an escalation on Putin's end Your thoughts on that Well Donald Trump was very forceful He had it right particularly with respect to NATO in which he demanded that our Western European allies contribute more to their own collective defense instead of relying so much on the United States of America for their defense President Trump caught a lot of flak for doing what he did But I don't think anybody would say he was wrong today to have done what he did And if Western Europe had done more than they'd be better positioned to be able to defend Europe from an invasion by Russia Who knows how far Putin wants to go Today the Ukraine yesterday it was Georgia before that it was while somewhere back in there It was the Crimea What's going to be next The Balkans And here I used to step up to the plate They can not continue to rely on the United States of America for their national security They have three times the population of Russia They have roughly ten times as much economic capability as Russia They should have the ability then the manpower and the money to put together a national defense that would scare the willies out of Russia and Putin but unfortunately there have been soft like sheep and you see the wolf taking advantage

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