It Is True That Larry O'Connor Drives a Tesla and Here's Why


And said Larry O'Connor is is it true that you drive a Tesla It is true that I drive a Tesla Hear me out for a minute A great American made car high quality stuff by the way made by one of the most accomplished African Americans in our history Elon Musk And Biden hates him by the way So that's got to be a good thing right But hear me out I did not get a Tesla for any political reason or environmental reason I honestly couldn't care less as to whether it ran on electricity or gasoline I'm actually a little annoyed at the big I come from Detroit I was born in Detroit originally right That's why I'm so excited about my wolverines beating up on the Georgia dogs tomorrow night in the Miami orange bowl there I come from Detroit and I'm annoyed that Ford or Chrysler GM couldn't put together their engineering know how And design a car as great as a Tesla It is a fantastic car And again I couldn't stick a V8 in there and I'm all over it all right So just so you know When I come home from driving on all that disgusting smarmy clean energy the one downside of the Tesla is there's not nearly enough carbon emissions as I go I miss my carbon emissions The smell of those carbon emissions are intoxicating So I get home to my beautiful home and my wife Meredith and I if it's wintertime we go right to the fireplace and we start burning stuff We just throw logs in there We throw away you will find a cat in the neighborhood and throw it in there Anything to burn more carbon It's our carbon offset If it's summertime we'll do a fire pit in our front yard And it's insane We just burn whatever We find some old tires at a junkyard and we burn the tires and just start smew a black smoke everywhere We live in Maryland so no one really notices okay And that's just you know that's just Baltimore be in Baltimore right It's about all there goes another CFS a CVS up for grab sits what's going on So we do our own sort of carbon offsets When we come home from driving the clean energy vehicle to Tesla So I don't want you to misunderstand who I am or what I

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