Why Professor Neil Thomas Decided to Review Eric's Latest Book 'Is Atheism Dead?'


The book we discuss on this program, your book is taking leave of Darwin. So if anybody's interested in what you have to say on the subject, that's the first place they should look, taking leave of Darwin, but recently, I believe that stream dot org, you wrote, no, I'm sorry. Where did you post your original referring to? Okay, evolution. It's pronounced evolution, please. Evolution. News. Is it dot org? I can't quite remember evolution. All I know is that if you Google it, it'll take you straight there. Evolution news. Which I think is related to the discovery institute. But you wrote three reviews of a raft of books dealing with these subjects, one of which I was flattered to see was my own new book is atheism dead. So let's talk about that. Because people want to read what you have to say on this, I recommend they go to evolution news or evolution news. Either way, they should go there. But so what do you say roughly in these articles? Yes, it's a case of leverage and leverage I'm afraid. It's one of these. Well, I was looking at your book is atheism dad, along with Steven Myers book return to the guard hypothesis on something called a God of the details by Christian bandia. And I was looking at the sort of continuity and the fact that the three of you sort of came out against a simple sort of idea received ideas about darwinism and sort of thought your own ways and I admired that. And I thought that this should, this should be foregrounded in some way, which is more reason I decided to do the review.

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