Comedy of errors as Steelers, Lions slog to 16-16 tie


The Pittsburgh Steelers had two players fumble in overtime resulting in the NFL's first draw of the season as the Steelers alliance played two eight sixteen sixteen tight Ben Roethlisberger did not play for Pittsburgh honoring Kobe nineteen protocol Saturday evening Mason Rudolph started in his place passing for two hundred forty two yards a touchdown and a pick not G. Harris ran for one hundred five yards but Mike Tomlin Steelers are now five three and one this too sloppy to win core fundamental things men you know we didn't tackle well enough throughout the game defensively and then in the most critical moments by we didn't maintain possession of the ball for the lions and head coach Dan Campbell is the first on loss of the season Detroit ran for two hundred twenty nine yards and Jared Goff passed for one hundred fourteen more yards the lines are now even one Josh Rowntree Pittsburgh

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