Dinesh D'Souza's New Film '2000 Mules' Is Astonishing... and Legit


So what am I doing in Los Angeles? Well, at an undisclosed location yesterday, I was hanging out with my very good friend dinesh d'souza. And the Nash d'souza is coming out with the new movie 2000 mules. And I'll be very honest. I was skeptical going in. I wasn't really sure what to think or what exactly this movie was going to be able to prove. So dinesh has done several movies in the past as you well known. His great is a great reputation for being a fact first movie producer. And this whole movie was about and many of you have seen a trailer allegedly in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Georgia and Arizona, there was a network of ballot harvesting mules that went from one site to the other dropping off ballots. What I saw completely blew me away. And I can only say so much because you're going to have to see the movie, which is going to come out in just a couple months. But I was totally blown away by the irrefutable, sophisticated and transparent evidence. That shows that there were networks of people on the ground going from ballot place to ballot place. And there's a way to prove all of this. In a way that you might never have possibly actually imagined using sophisticated cell phone technology being able to collect what's called pings that your cell phone actually emits off that third party vendors and advertisers usually might actually might actually get and used to advertise other products. For example, if you go to a shopping mall where you go to a chili's restaurant, your phone is constantly letting off pings with unique device ID numbers. Well, the brilliant dinesh d'souza at the help of true the vote Catherine engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, Friends of mine for quite some time. They had the idea to actually go and get some of that cell phone data in certain areas such as Fulton county and Cobb county and try to see if they could find unique ID numbers of people that visited ballot boxes ten, 15, 25 times. Between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. and I can only say so much. But by for 6 hours got a briefing on all the evidence, and I was there with my friend Eric metaxas from the Salem radio network, Dennis prager, danesh obviously, Sebastian gorka and we went through all the evidence. And Dennis prager asked some really good questions. He played devil's advocate. He said, wait a second, that doesn't make any sense. What about this? And the answer is we're

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