Michael Avenatti Convicted of Stealing From Stormy Daniels


Attorney Michael avenatti has been found guilty of what? Stealing $300,000 from his own client stormy Daniels. And now avenatti has had it not to The White House, but to the big House. It remains an open question, what his sentence is going to be. But just to refresh, I've talked about this case before. Avenatti was accused and he's now found guilty of doing what? Well. When stormy Daniels signed up to write a book, she was apparently offered an advance of $800,000, but payable in three installments. So she got the first installment, but then avenatti when the second and third installment were due, avenatti set up his own account. And he essentially masqueraded as stormy Daniels. And he got the money sent not to stormy Daniels, but to his account, so he intercepted her money and took it for himself and used it on his own luxuries and to buy this and to buy that and to settle this debt and so on. And so stormy Dan is like, where's the money? And avenatti kept sort of putting her off and lying to her and in any case so she finally reported him. And so it turns out that he was found guilty, not just a theft, but also of wire fraud and of impersonating another person. So this is bad because when you add all this up, we're looking at, well, the aggravated identity theft charge. That carries a mandatory two years. So we know we're not going to be seeing avenatti for the next two years unless he's going to be doing CNN interviews with Brian stelter from

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