Attorneys present jurors with dueling portraits of Arbery


Prosecutors the defense attorneys presented dueling portraits of Ahmad armory as the trial begins for three white men charged with chasing him down and killing him into Brunswick Georgia neighborhood last February in her opening statement prosecutor Linda Donna Caskey said a series of assumptions and driveway decisions triggered the attack on the twenty five year old black man this is the emergency lace John I'm out here in setelah shores and there's a black male running down the street defense attorney Robert Rubin to Travis with Michael and his father Greg considered arboreta scary mystery who had been videotaped inside a nearby house that was under construction where things had gone missing it's not some random guy running down the street it's V. guy Rubin said the McMichael's gave chase hoping to detain him until police arrived but are refused to stop and lunged corporate Michael and his gun Travis Michael is acting in self defense the big Michaels and a neighbor William Bryan who joined the chase are all charged with murder and other felonies try audio courtesy of court TV I'm Jennifer king

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