We're One Week Away From Joe Biden's 'Get Vaxxed or You're Fired' Policy


That is absolutely what the administration's usual over COVID-19 vaccine mandates is So here we are a week from today you get the ocean roll that goes into effect So wait from today all employees who are for companies with a hundred or more employees and states that haven't passed their own laws protected employees from these mandates but they potentially what get fired and that's kind of where we are right So it's interesting Not only in terms of the consistency of the Biden policy like with the travel ban that is now being lifted with South Africa but isn't it interesting that they also decided to wait until after the holidays to have this hit Which just speaks to the simply arbitrary nature of this anti American mandate I mean think about it If it is such an emergency that you need to be vaccinated you need to be jabbed with whatever the hell they say you get injected with it However many times they say you're going to get injected with it or you should lose your career You should be fired You deserve to be fired It's that big of a deal but not until January 4th What sense does that make Where is the logic

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