Germany Does 180 on Defense Spending


Now, I am not a psychiatrist psychologist and I don't project my impressions of leaders onto the media. Because I'm not in a position to judge Putin's state of mind. I just know what he's doing and what he's doing is reverting to Chechnya and Syrian tactics. In terms of what you've seen, I can judge the state of the mind of the German public because all of a sudden nearly 90% of them support massive hikes and defense spending as a former NATO allied supreme commander. That's got a surprise you and encourage you. It's been quite amazing to watch something I've been personally lobbying for and advocating for, along with the entire U.S. government for three decades. And in my case, four years is supreme allied commander literally buttonhole in Chancellor Merkel and then minister of defense, Ursula von der leyen, who's now the head of the European Union, personally button holing them and begging them to increase defense spending and all of a sudden in 48 hours Vladimir Putin has shown he's a much better persuader than admiral Jim staff read us. So I'm highly encouraged by this. I think it's been a wake-up call for Europe. And by the way, watch Sweden and Finland. If you woke up and Stockholm and Helsinki and you're outside the NATO alliance, I think this is the week when you start demanding a NATO membership card out of your government and boy, that's got to be part of Vladimir Putin's worst nightmare.

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