Defending Ukraine: How Did We Get Here?


You remember that Mitt Romney said that Russia was our number was the number one threat. Yes, enemy. You think he said what I mean? What could be more bizarre? I mean, I find it not just wrong, but bizarre. Well, there's money flowing around, okay? Defense contractors are the ones who paid people who like Mitt Romney and Brent's Fred scowcroft, I know for sure. To create the committee to expand to expand NATO up to the borders of Russia. And then you had a lot of well meaning Americans of Polish and Ukrainian and Lithuanian descent who said, that sounds good. You know, we don't want to be dominated by the Russians. Yeah, let's move NATO up there. So it was leftover Cold War sentiment. Hatred of Russians as Russians and greed, people in the military contractors throwing money around to Republican candidates to say things that sounded patriotic and hawkish and pro defense. Yes. Oh, yes, America will never step back. We will defend every square inch of free Europe. I mean, do you know in the Baltic states that we're going to lock all the citizens in their homes under COVID? That's freedom. I mean, the whole idea that we are defending freedom while political prisoners are rotting for January 6th in solitary confinement without charges. Rotting in jail is political prisoners in gitmo on the Potomac. We are hardly the poster boys for political freedom. John, isn't that the point that we have had such a drastic realignment? Because of Trump, the disruptor, everything has changed, and we can now see things, at least some of us can see things as they are more clearly, we can see that much of what we were persuaded was true is not true.

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