Fleeing drought, hunger thousands trek to Somalia's capital


More and more Samani softening trial ten heading towards the capital as he United Nations warned that thirteen million people in the region pace of their hunger in the next few months people fleeing drought have been pouring into camps on the outskirts of Mogadishu with many lacking food water and proper shelter I mean Osman displacement through full from middle Juba said they tracked all the way from her village eight days on the road we suffered in some people have died two women who accompanied us on the journey died of hunger we have no fees they will sadly lack toilets here the growing banks are expected to swell further in the coming months as the horn of Africa region faces its worst drought conditions in a decades the United Nations world food program has said that parts of Somalia Ethiopia and Kenya will need immediate assistance to avoid a major humanitarian crisis the horn of Africa has long been vulnerable to drought conditions often exacerbated by armed violence I'm Karen Thomas

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