Prosecutor: Rittenhouse provoked the bloodshed in Kenosha


The defense and prosecution of made their closing arguments in the Wisconsin murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse the teen who killed two protesters in August of twenty twenty summing up the trial as heard on court TV Canosa county assistant district attorney Thomas Bangor says Kyle Rittenhouse then seventeen was not the frightened child the defense portrayed when he brought a semi automatic weapon to a racial justice protests you're not allowed to run around point you're gonna pay defense attorney mark Richard says Rittenhouse only shot those who threatened him calling it self defense one with a skateboard one of his hands one of his feet one with a gun prompting this for a bottle from another prosecutor James Krause so much to tell the parents and grandparents and Santa Claus getting skateboards this Christmas about how they're giving their children a deadly weapon I guess they should get in a R. fifteen instead the judge has given instructions to the jury and they begin deliberations in the morning I'm Jackie Quinn

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