Report: BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Tied to Other Groups With Spending ‘Red Flags’


Black Lives Matter But let's cofounder Patrice colliers you remember her the commie Tied to other groups was spending red flags report Black Lives Matter cofounder Patrice colliers who resigned in the wake of a post expose or spending prion lavish homes It's tied to several other fundraising organizations whose finances raise potential red flags according to a new report One of the groups reform LA jails in 2019 collected more than 1.4 million of which 205,000 went to a consulting company owned by colliers in her spouse Janana Khan New York magazine said yeah Kan's about right Another 211,000 was paid to Collier's pal Who co wrote her memoir in about 86,000 was paid to an entertainment clothing and consulting company called trap heels which was started by Damon Turner the father of Collier's child according to the report Sounds like the maxim waters family where she's been following tons of money to her daughter Because she's such a campaign genius Reform LA jails also reportedly paid 270,000 to a consulting company run by its treasure Christman Bowers who's also known to shalom ya Bowers and has signed tax documents as the deputy executive director of Black Lives Matter global network Wow What a fraud the whole thing is a fraud

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