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You pops on in my head. All right nNcholas sparks that song doesn't play in your head. You're nNcholas sparks is. He's the guy who wrote the notebook. Okay. Oh, I saw the movie once I had that is disgusting. That's really sweet. Well, took you forty five minutes come up with several world in melt with you. I'll see you in a British accent, you seem difference. But it's better all the time. Say look at that. Yeah. Angela now I'm trying to think of my favorite thing that I love the most about 'cause there's so many things I just love everything this is turning cheesy. I need to stop. I was going to do the background music. I'm just gonna say, so obviously, we don't so your all your fans are going to be like, they don't even have a nice thing to say about each other. 'cause I love everything. No. So it's just like I don't even need to say it resides. I love that you're alive. Lila black hole lie black hole. Okay. What is the hardest part of the relationship. I will say it. I what I think is or do you wanna say it?

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