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Of it. You know, like, we'll come back and fight us on stuff story worse. And we're like no this makes it better. And they're like, no, I want this that makes it bad shouldn't they get to design it. Yeah. We're trying to help them with our expertise and experience and at the end of the day. They are a pain as far as services their name will be on the book because your goals. Friday. Yours is not on it goes. I just had to let it grow go because she got upset her name wasn't going to be on the book as a co author. And I'm like, no Honey a ghosts needs. You don't exist. Like, you can't even really go out and talk about it. And be like, I wrote this book, let me stop you for it. They're paying these ghost writers. I can't disclose that on the air. Good money. It's it's decent money. All depends upon the package at the author. Do know that right? I know I know. Gig. Never asked me for a ghost writing gig. Hello. I can't eat. Okay. What? This is a lot slower. Hold on. Process. The process would Lynn Austin. It is guy you never get old house has mostly ventures. Listen, good.

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