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U.S. government partially shuts down as Congress resists funding Trump’s border wall


Eight eighty dot com. The US government was partially shut down Saturday in a fierce fight over. President Trump's demands congress approved five point seven billion dollars for a border wall with Mexico Long Island. Republican congressman Peter King tells WCBS he strongly supports a border wall. But I'm rule oppose host government shutdowns. You can shut the governor John just because you don't get what you want and some you can pick another issue a few months from now part of democracy to get in your fight it out and you get the best deal. You can go with it. And then you said over yet and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and an interview with WCBS says the wall, the president wants to build isn't needed money has been allocated for repair and maintenance of the barriers along the border. Unfortunately, even that money has been spent by this administration on the shutdown will have limited impact over the next few days. This is because both Monday and Tuesday are federal holidays. Democrats say at the shutdown continues, the new House Democrat majority will quickly pass legislation to reopen. The government wanted takes office in January WCBS news time three oh, six New Jersey. Police officer shot and critically will demand armed with a weapon in the home of his parents. The Hudson county prosecutor's office says Jersey City officers were dispatched to the home on a report of a violent emotionally disturbed mail their efforts to calm, the thirty six year old unidentified man lives at the address failed after he produced a weapon and would not surrender and the search for a missing twelve year old Passaic girl who has autism ends with her being found safe and sound that search ended about four Saturday boarding with the authorities have not said where Michelle Cortez vanished from outsiders. School Friday, prompting at all night. Search most motorists are getting a president at the pump. That's next on WCBS time three oh, seven holiday, tips and wine stories from Paul Kristen and Dexter at total wine and more. Did you know there are over one million bubbles in a glass of

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