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The president once again, don't hold millions of Americans hundreds of thousands of workers hostage. Open up the government. And let's continue the discussions. Senate minority leader Charles Schumer added the president would not budge. Judge. He resisted, in fact, he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years. Meanwhile, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tells reporters on Capitol Hill that staff level talks on ending the government shutdown. We'll continue this weekend. Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill. The president for his part is arguing that impacted federal workers support his closure of the government. This really does have a higher purpose then next week's pay and the people that won't get next week's pay or the following leaks. Pay. I think if you ever really looked at those people I think that say Mr President keep going this is far more important in the past federal employees have gotten back pay after shutdowns, but there's no guarantee and local senators are working to change that Senator Kris van Holland's urging the Senate to pass a Bill that would ensure federal employees get paid retroactively after every government shutdown the lack of a guarantee really creates unfair. Uncertainty on top of the unfairness of people are not getting a paycheck at all and being squeezed during this period of time, including employees at NASA Goddard in greenbelt. And now Florez is the president of a union representing them. He says during the last shutdown some employees didn't have enough money to buy groceries. You can believe that it is true had Curtis. Sound WMA Allen WFAN dot com in DC mirror. Muriel? Bouncer has strong words for federal lawmakers today, the government now she adds that the shutdowns effects in the district. Go beyond federal workers, not receiving a paycheck and the shuttering of the iconic Smithsonian museums affects our restaurant workers who are going to work right now at empty restaurants and getting their hours cut because there are no workers to serve and even with parts of the government shuttered, the new house majority in congress continues to hear bills and one of those is on DC statehood on the first day of the new legislative session. Holmes Norton introduced the appropriate. Named HR Bill fifty one she's hopeful the democratic controlled house will pass the DC statehood Bill, and she has good reason to be optimistic a hundred and fifty five members of the house of representatives today introduce the DC statehood Bill that's the kind of support. And the support starts at the top house speaker Nancy Pelosi's in favor of it had their Curtis on wwl and wwl dot com. Checking your money the market now close the Dow is up seven hundred forty five points. The NASDAQ up two hundred seventy five traffic and weather next.

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