Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines' co-founder, dead at 87


Business icon. Herb Kelleher the co founder of Southwest Airlines has died. Kelleher Southwest Airlines co founder rollin king reportedly wanted an affordable airline for all Texans. Former Dallas Morning News airline reporter, Terry Maxon says Kelleher was larger than life and will be missed her and choline Barrett. Who was retired as president at the same time. He retired. As chairman really were the the heart and face, south west or a couple of decades. They were they represented icons of south west and with one of those God, they'll be poorer for it. Even if they may be just as good their company among others, Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings has nothing. But praise for Kelleher mayor Rawlings describes her Kelleher as a pioneer in creating short. Flights with creative marketing techniques. Well, don't you wanna work exciting growing institution in a place? It's fun and in wards people. And that's what he believed in. He understood that businesses more than just numbers or or things it was really about the human spirit. Mayor Rawlings says Dallas loves winners and says Kelleher was definitely a winner. Kelly waste NewsRadio to navy

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