The Wooing of Jared Kushner: How the Saudis Got a Friend in the White House


That why is he talking privately with the prince when national Security Council staff are supposed to sit in on all communications with foreign leaders. Well, because he's Trump's prince and he is not beholden to the rules. The laws the traditions of the United States of America because he's Jared Kushner, this is really I gotta tell you. This is really scary Kushner and NBS reportedly have informal one on one chats and text conversations are on the first thing basis. But this is the part that really frightens me those in Saudi Arabia. No, they are toying with a naive, man. A man in over his head. Check this out. Of course, this makes them susceptible to the manipulation. Of their government. This is according to three former senior American officials. The exchanges between Kirschner an MBA s continued even after the killing of dramatic kashogi. He was ambushed dismembered by Saudi agents. Supposedly Jared advise him how to weather the storm. So nuts to me. 'cause Jared wants the money. This is what he wants they want this relationship. Why is Jared Kushner having one on one conversations with the Princess Saudi Arabia after the killing a anytime. Why is he having this problem? Why aren't there people who know and have international experience? Why aren't they listening in? Why aren't they part of this does not frighten you this is not frighten? You the Jared Kushner has this kind of power in the United States of America. It scares the crap outta me. Four one five eight eight eight one zero. They know they're manipulating him. They know it. They say that Kushner became the prince's most important defender inside the White House is according to a New York Times article that just came out, but the ties between Kushner and prince Muhammad did not happen on their own. Oh, no. They didn't the prince and his advisors eager eager to enlist American support for the Princess hawkish policies in the region and for his own consolidation of power cultivated the relationship with Kushner for more than two years, according to documents emails and text messages reviewed by the New York Times. And the here's a couple of really fascinating things a delegation of Saudis, close to the prince visited the US as early as the month. Trump was elected these recordings documents obtained by the New York Times the Saudis returned home with a report identifying Kushner as crucial focal point in the courtship of the new administration. He brought to the job scant knowledge about the region. A transaction. Mindset and an intense focus on reaching a deal with the Palestinians that met. Israel's demands this is what the delegation noted upon their return home, even before then before the inauguration, the Saudis were trying to position themselves as essential allies who could help the Trump administration fulfil its campaign pledges in addition to offering to help resolve the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians the Saudis offered hundreds of billions of dollars in deals to buy American weapons and invest in American infrastructure. Now, they go on is what the Saudis had to say. The inner circle is predominantly. They're talking about the White House into circle the inner circle

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