2 officers critically wounded in Houston shooting; 2 suspects dead


Their support for the wounded officers. And it turns out one of the undercover narcotics officers that was shot had been shot multiple times in the line of duty a deadly shooting on San Antonio's north west side this morning police were called to an apartment complex up would chase Bandera road. After residents heard gunfire. When officers arrived on scene, they found a man sprawled on the ground dead of a gunshot wound. No suspects or motive firefighters were out at four AM on this blustery morning trying to contain a fire. Are at a home in the eighty three hundred block of timber wild. That's in the great northwest neighborhood off of tesla road one man who was inside managed to get out safely. The fire started in the attic and a furnace unit. There's still a lot of confusion about a report put out by the Texas secretary of state flagging, some ninety

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