Turkey Calls for Arrest of Aides to Saudi Crown Prince in Khashoggi Killing


A measure that says the US Saudi Arabia's crown prince is complicit in the killing of the journalist Khashoggi. What do you make of that? I have talked about this whole MBA smaller bin Salman for a long time. I have since day one been a denounce Mohammed bin Salman, I lived in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia arena company there. I in congress. I worked for Saudi Arabia. I knew from day one. He was not what the media was portraying him as the great liberator of women that was nonsense. He wasn't. He allowed them to drive which half the people don't want to drive over there. Anyway, you know, have drivers. But. Everything he had the media eating out of his hand expensive lobby groups making him look good. He has always been known over. There is a monster. He imprisoned his own mother under house arrest because he was warning the king who has dementia. To not let him be the crown prince think about a second. And then he imprisoned people in the Ritz Carlton extorted billions from them. And they and they killed a man in the Ritz Carlton, I think even beaten to death or something. From day one. I I really felt usually it's you know, you're innocent token, proven guilty. I felt they won behind this. And I watched Lindsey Graham and Senator corker, and they came out in no uncertain terms. They said he would be convicted in thirty minutes in court. They have seen some private secret information that I am sure has some type of followed either his voice talking some type of solid connection to ordering the murder of kashogi. And I've gotta tell you Kate. President Trump is on the wrong side of this issue. And it is straining night talked to some people on the hill today. It is super straining his entire relationship with a lot of Republicans alone over this thing they have just went too far his son-in-law Jared Kushner is best friends with Mohammed bin Salman, by the way in Saudi Arabia behind his back. They're calling him instead of 'em Bs is he likes to be called the calling him Mr. bone saw. Wow.

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