Tencent shares jump 3 percent after Chinese regulators approve new games


Twenty two down one tenth of one percent. Nasdaq up forty seven up seven tenths of one percent in New York. Charlie pellett. Bloomberg daybreak Asia. Thirty three minutes past the hour. Let's take a look at the Asia Pacific. What to expect today? And what's happening at the moment. Here's Doug krizner. Let's begin with the euro, Brian because we were down quite a bit of New York trading at one point we actually dipped below a buck thirteen that in afternoon trading, which coincided with a report on German or the German government, reducing its twenty nineteen GDP forecast to one percent earlier in the day ECB president Mario Draghi intensified. His warning on the challenges facing the euro area right now, we're dollar thirteen zero six so with euro weakness, the dollar strengthened against the majors. Bloomberg. Spot index picking up about three tenths of one percent on the day slightly. Weaker yen one oh nine fifty three in spite of that pullback, though, we're not seeing a lot of support for futures on the Nikkei trading in Chicago. We're only about twenty points above where we finished in the cash market yesterday in Japan, and in a little while we're going to get the Japanese CPI for the month of December want to get you to Sydney now, we've got Paul Allen. They're looking at the early goings down under and maybe a little taste of what's happening in New Zealand. Good morning, Paul. Yeah. Morning. Doug, gambit of a mixed bag in this part of the world, the dole is continuing its slide. Seventy eighty one the six high by one percent, but I wanna tell you about one of the worst performance today. I am he offers seven percent. This is after the wealth management warned the full year earnings are going to slump another thirty five percent costs piling up there from the financial advice scandal. I am going gonna take another one hundred and sixty million AUSSIE dollar hidden fiscal twenty nineteen on top of an earlier too. Hundred million dollar hit. So those shares easing off today over New Zealand daddy. So looking pretty flat right now dR, all right? Thanks to Bloomberg's Paul Allen here in New York. We had crude oil picking up about one percent. There was a report from the government. The energy information agency actually came out with a rather bearish view on the shale, boom. However looks like the growing instability in Venezuela is carrying the day helped WTI finish above fifty three a barrel right now, we are at fifty three o nine in the electron accession. I'm Doug krizner at Bloomberg. Interactive brokers studio in New York rish. Yeah. Thanks, the two bills aimed at ending. The US government shutdown has failed the two sides in anti gay shading at banks is go global news. And he's in the Bloomberg nine hundred sixty San Francisco newsroom. Yeah. Rish. Thank you. It's back to square one. Well, with the exception that both sides now. No there are two options compromise or leave the agency's shutdown. Bloomberg's Marty Shankar says the two sides now have gone back to the bargaining table. The outlines of some sort of a compromise that would continue that would open up the government for three weeks contain some semblance of border security. And the president says he is open that it will compromise reasonable agreement. I would support again, maybe a pro rated deal on a Wally says, but that a wall has to be part of it earlier in the day Chuck Schumer said he needs to know that the president will sign something that they negotiate last month. The Senate unanimously passed the short term Bill to keep the government open. It was leader McConnell's idea. Everyone thought the president would support it. But President Trump buckled to the most extreme voices in his party. So the talks are still on Japanese whalers say they will form a fleet of at least five vessels to resume commercial whale hunting, July first it says exact locations will be determined by research in June. It says catch quota and hunting scheduled not scheduled and decided North Korea's Kim Jong UN has ordered preparations for a second summit with Donald Trump. He says he will wait with patience and in good faith to work toward a common goal. The issue is what Cam needs from Trump to make any moves toward denuclearisation. The US has ordered non-emergency government employees out of Venezuela and the Trump administration trying to clarify statements made by commerce secretary Wilbur Ross about government workers thirty days of that. Some people will be out. There's no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan. Against. So the president asked about it today, and he efforts what he was he being Ross was trying to say banks are working along. If you have mortgages, the mortgage is the mortgage the folks collecting the interest in all of those things, they work alone. And that's what happens in down like this. They know the people they've been dealing with them for years, and they work along the grocery store and explanation of why they really don't need to rely on food banks global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron a tick tock on Twitter power by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries in San Francisco, I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg Brian. All right. Ed. Thanks very much. Thirty eight minutes here past the hour. It's time for global sports. Dan Schwartzman

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