Kamala Harris's presidential campaign kicks off with a rally in Oakland


Rolled out her campaign for the democratic presidential nominee in two thousand twenty for more KCBS and chronicle in center field matere and former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown stopped by the chat with our STAN Bunger and Susan Lee Taylor about this. Kamala Harris has an official launch this Sunday in Oakland. Why go to the trouble of doing that what's important about an official role out in Oakland? She is I think trying to make sure she identifies with the place of or. For her career. That's where she was born ways and started a DA career on that side of the bay. And it's a good thing after all she's had an incredible week. You would think that it was George Clooney making his announcement petty running everybody of screener lack of superstar and go into Oakland. I just hope there's a crowd. Yeah. Because that's going to be the first judge. I mean, they picked Oakland in part because she was she was born there. She didn't grow up there. She grew up in Berkeley, which is next door. And then she went to Montreal. And then she was a DA there. But they picked it in part because it fits in with the narrative, it's not same. But but but also it was where Barack Obama held his big rally in California. Now, the question is can she match that because everybody's going to say, okay? If you built book a room, and you book, applause, it you gotta fill it. And the question is whether the buzz is gonna fill it or whether they got the operation just don't recall, Barack Obama's before you even got his wheels rolling in his campaign facing trouble from the left the way Harris is on this issue of is she sufficiently liberal as a prosecutor. Well, a and that will unfold itself as things go on because after all she not gonna get elected just by being on the left. Bonnie Sanders has proven that not work. And therefore, she must be what she is. And believe me, the rollout is not phony at all. At is. Yeah. It is true notice in the whole roll out. You're not mentioned anywhere said not phony. You're not in the book you were. Her rise. You you put her on commissions, you dated her when she was a DA. I mean, mayor Brown. Until she got better days. A lot of people in the league. I better taste though. She didn't indict, you know. No, no. But she did threaten me once said you tell him jaywalking is a capital offense in my DO sticks. Well, so she wants tough on crime. So from the left running in order for her to get through the democratic primary process. She has got to appeal to the lettuce. Tight rope on that. She is her team is trying to position her through social media as the progressive prosecutor. And what they're trying to do is say yes to those people you're talking about while still throwing the word prosecutor in there for the middle of the road voters saying top would in fact, you know, there's a back and forth on that. She's got an incredible talent to grab a phrase and make it work. I could not have conceived of combo Harris for the people that's how she always had to announcer itself as the DA in any case, the Willie Brown film, Macaire stand Banga for the people. It is such a great phrase. It's as good as make America. Great again. It'd be interesting to see which one they pick. But it's going to be. It's the rollout. I think the biggest thing she's got going for her right now is that Joe Biden and the others aren't in the race. Is it you're still out there with the preliminary people, so you get a buzz, but buzz is not boats. Would have been the Taryn

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