Seth, Apple And Four Hundred Dollars discussed on Drew Garabo Live


Angry very expensive glasses coast there without a coaster. Mahogany table. You know, we've heard his side of the story. Can you tell us what it really felt like when you saw the Seth coach didn't drink the very very expensive to kill the portfolio say ultra. I, you know, I've really love Seth. But I've got to tell you that that it burns a hole. And then he got watered down. Thank you. Thank you. Somebody leaves around expensive tequila. I'll make sure even if it's not really expensive. Why did you bring that back up? It's an old wound. It's on my mind regularly. And if I was throwing out, you know, shots of four hundred dollars a kilo. I'd be offended was a whirlwind of a day. We had the apple a day branch. And it was great raise the time money. And then we Don. And then you wasted a tenement. Would you? I can invite listen I wanna do a happy hour at the house on a Friday with you guys. We've already had this discussion set done before. And it didn't happen. You guys start to listen to that? No, no, no. You guys come for to. All right. We'll start around three thirty perfect. And you there are six we'll have food the whole nine yards. I love it. You tell me when all right. Let's set up something when it gets a little warmer..

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