Illinois Officials Deny Permit For R. Kelly-Hosted Concert, Citing Security Concerns


Barron county sheriff Chris FitzGerald says the twenty one year old Jake Paterson had no known contact with the clause family before the attack. We don't believe there was a social media connection. And we're determining how he became aware of Jamie the girl escaped yesterday from the cabin where she had been held in a rural area near the town of Gordon at some sixty miles from baron Patterson as a court appearance on Monday, partial government, shutdown likely to be the longest in US history. President Trump's softens is pushed to issue an emergency declaration to take the wall funding issue out of the hands of congress the absolute right to do it. But I'm not gonna do it so fast because this is something congress should do some eight hundred thousand federal workers are affected by the shutdown. I'm Tim Maguire AP digital news back in a moment. What if every time you went out you can cash in now

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