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Why are you targeting only New York City? So this is our first campaign, and we're a New York based company, so it made sense to sort of test this city, and it's also happens to be one of the financial capital of the world and also has one of the preeminent bitcoin or rather virtual currency regulators. Your DFS felt like a great starting point to Certa campaign yet New York City. Our state of New York is really ground zero for building a framework for cryptocurrency companies to become licensed compliant businesses in. So that was there definitely a pioneers state. It's very much. The reason why we built Gemini in New York in why we have almost two hundred employees here in growing in. So it's sort of made. Sense to start it in our backyard where this will happen in Canada myself. We testified at the bitcoin hearings. I think they were twenty fourteen in helped you know, educate. The regulators in shape the regulation to be thoughtful for crypto companies. So this is definitely the right place for us to start this campaign. We'll see how it goes. And then we'll consider rolling it out to other cities in jurisdictions. See let's just finally you're answering to seem like you're almost saying that the targeted audience for the as is the regulators is that the case. Definitely. Definitely customers prospective customers. We actually had a a meet in the street event yesterday at Sukati park, which I believe is where the first US stock exchange got its early beginnings almost two hundred years ago. And you know, it's really interesting. The so far the feedback. Getting is the campaign is really struck a chord, especially with a group of folks who actually believe in crypto they've been reading about for years, and they don't really need to be sold on the dream of crypto or its promise what they're unsure about is how to engage in crypto in a safe and compliant manner, and so we're really trying to just start the conversation and let people know that there are regulated exchanges in custodians like Gemini were you can easily buy

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