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Jones futures are down one hundred twenty four a Florida police officer ran over to people who were lying in a dark roadway in West Palm to watch the Sunday night. Lunar eclipse non-life-threatening injuries. I'm dick Haefner. WJR news more news at eight or whenever news breaks. You're hearing the Paul W Smith show. News talk seven sixty WJR. You know, I hang on your every word, but I also am doing some other things here. I take in laundry think. Do things to make extra money here at the radio station. What was this last thing about the the blood moon wolf, I saw it? We talked about it earlier, whatever other wolf. I wrote it on another piece of blood. Okay. It was a super blood wolf moon. Right, right. If you missed it you have until just twenty twenty one. That's not so big lunar eclipse. Yeah. People who could see it loved it. Yeah. Talked to a few people. They they thought it was terrific. Yeah. Well, there were a couple of people lying in the roadway. To what in West Palm Beach lying in the road. And they got ran up, and they got they got run over

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