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Okay to have one more drink before. I drive home. Probably okay. I opened the window to stay alert. Probably okay. Spokesman gum in my mouth step out of the car. Please. I probably made a mistake. Probably. Okay. Isn't okay. When it comes to drinking and driving. If you see a warning sign stop and call a cab, a car or a friend. Buzzed driving is drunk driving. A message brought to you by nitsa and the Ad Council. Ross Kaminsky mornings five to ten. Hey, it's Ross I'm out for a few days, but never fear. We have much better. Looking folks behind the mic for you. Now. Join us tomorrow morning for great conversation about well. Everything's right here on six thirty. Steve Rappaport, the Senate planning votes onto measures Thursday to end the government shutdown the plan offered by the president includes five point seven billion dollars for construction of a physical barrier along the highest priority locations of the southwest border three years of protection for Dhaka recipients three year extension of temporary protected status for thousands of other immigrants living in the US. Fox's Mike Emanuel on Capitol Hill the other spending Bill backed by Democrats would reopen the government, but without money for a border wall. Welcome to Cooperstown. Long time New York Yankees. Closer Mariano Rivera voted in on one hundred percent of eligible riders ballots in his first year of eligibility. The time MLB saves leader will be joined by the late ROY halladay the two time Cy Young winner elected posthumously by over eighty five percent of writers longtime Seattle Mariners designated hitter. Edgar Martinez also makes the two thousand nineteen class and former Yankees and Baltimore Orioles pitcher, Mike Mussina. Fox's Matt Napolitano..

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