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Seventy four four? I shall resign. The presidency of bacteria that noon tomorrow. Are. Free. Richard nixon. The game is coming forward. Close enemies close. The note was a cassette tape with the voice of hers. For the past fifty years. Thanks for making ten ten wins the place where more people get their news than any other station in the nation. Ten ten wins. All news all the time. If you love us on the radio like us on Facebook. News all the time. This is Dan wins. You give us twenty two minutes. We'll give you the world. Good afternoon. Twenty nine degrees. It is three forty on this Tuesday. January twenty second. I'm Susan, Richard. And here's what's happening. Already drama in the courtroom in the trial of Manhattan, man, accused of murdering his wife for money are Juliet Papa we'll have the story supreme court weighs in on the transgender military ban and DACA. The White House moves forward with plans for the president to give a state of the union speech on Capitol Hill despite a request from the house speaker that he delays governor Cuomo announced his big plans for four new metro north train stations in the east Bronx ten ten wins. Accuweather cloudy tonight down to twenty-six is Marco belletti can Marian Rivera get one or two percent of the vote will find out tonight for the baseball hall of fame. Islanders Roper Chicago. And Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic both in action tonight. But replacing the SME's at the Australian Open. This is Joan Doniger at Bloomberg. How high drug crisis, go pharmaceutical companies aren't optimistic and trade hit stocks. The dow. Down three hundred thirty seven the NASDAQ one hundred thirty eight wins news time three forty one transit years. Greg rice full ride at this hour on the Long Island expressway

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