New Year brings new Emperor in Japan


We're not far from the new year than in Japan. It's one of the country's most important holidays. But this year it's taking on extra significance next year. The emperor will abdicate the throne heralding, a new age in Japan and Asia correspondent Jake's term it takes a look at what this big change means for the country and the world's since mid December. Japanese people have been meticulously cleaning their houses workplaces schools and neighborhoods as part of a tradition preparing for the arrival of God that brings good luck for the new year. Train stations packed with people hitting home to visit their families. This is the final new year of the hey, say era, each emperor's reign is given a nine the current Emperor Akihito's era is hey say he's been on the throne for thirty years. So this year is known as thirty but for the first time in Japan's modern history. Next year. The imprint will abdicate celebrating his eighty fifth birthday awake ago. The demands of public life became too much. So in April next year, he'll hand over his position to his son. Crown prince, NADA hito, Dr Hideo Kawanishi from Nagoya university is a Japanese historian. He says the emperor is resigning because he could no longer carry out all of his responsibilities that rather than reducing the amount of work. It was decided his duties should be passed on to someone else. So what will the high say era be remembered for tragically? It's been marked by disaster. The Kobe earthquake in one thousand nine hundred five and of course, the twenty eleven full Cosima earthquake and soon NAMI where more than fifteen thousand people died even this year Japan has been hit hard by a series of floods heat waves and earthquakes so much. So the official Kanji character of the year was by meaning disaster. Impr- Akihito made it a priority to visit disaster areas as much as possible, but he's age was beginning to make that difficult. Nagoya university's Dr Kawanishi says a new era will give Japan a chance to put those tragedies behind us becoming a new age and eliminating the problems that had before that's clear with this year's executions of the doomsday cult option requres founder and twelve other members involved in the nineteen ninety-five Seren guests tack on the Tokyo subway and last week the government executed another to death row inmates over my dad used to do. Dr Kawanishi says this was done to ensure this sense of burden wasn't passed onto the next generation. He says they have been some positives in the hey, say era, many individuals became successful and had the opportunity to stand out as opposed to being buried in a community. This became an era where individuals could become successful by trying hard rather than being suppressed, and as for what the new era may bring to Kawanishi believes, the new emperor will take a much more active role in international society. He says the new era parent crown prince, NADA hito was from generation that did not experience the war and appreciates the importance of keeping the pace his wife who become the empress is also a former diplomat and had a career for Japan with the rugby World Cup next year end the Olympic and Paralympic Games in twenty twenty the country will internationalize further welcoming many more. Or foreign tourists and internationally active emperor could be very beneficial for the country. This is Jake sterner in Tokyo for correspondents reported.

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