Discussion of the happenings at the MLB Winter Meetings 2018


Yankees. Mets Marlins deal that would involve JT real Muto Noah Syndergaard Miguel and do Har. I'm Ed Rosario. Couple other moving parts real Muto into any with the Mets. The. Yenkey would end up with Noah, Syndergaard, not sure really what the Marlins would get besides Ahmed Rosario would have to be a lot more than just that for them to give up JT real Muto. I mean, no question about that. So it just comes down to just what's fun going on there at the winter meetings. We're going to check in in Las Vegas momentarily. But I'll tell you what it's just always fun to see the rumors, and how about this one, Lance Lynn. Gets three year thirty million dollar contract. I must be getting old here, but the amount of money that teams throw around on mediocre players is stunning yesterday. We talked about Andrew mccutchen whose past his prime getting fifteen million dollars a year. Now, you're talking about Lance Lynn getting ten million dollars a year. Now, it's a step back from the twelve million you made last year, but still he's not crying poverty making ten million dollars a year as an average pitcher coming off a season with a four point seven seventy IRA. Lance Lind's were ten million dollars. You can't be serious. Producer Shawn Watson Makia. Lance Lynn's a ten million dollar player in today. You're getting from the Yankees this year. Eight and a half is it. So then yeah is worth ten million dollars. Yeah. Is he worth more than of course, a bath is thirty eight and going on thirty nine these finished. But still had a better here than Lance Lynn. Right better longer. That's true. That's true. I wouldn't give in ten million a year if that's the case. So here's what I don't understand yet. What's the market going to be like for the closers like these relievers? Right. What's the market gonna be like for them? I think the market has gotten bigger and bigger for relief pitchers. And I just think that honestly like when you're the Andrew Miller's of the out of venos- or the kimbrough's or the David Robertson's Zach Britain's of the world, what's the money to be like for those guys because are they more valuable than a Lance Lynn in today's baseball. Right. Yeah. Right. I mean, are they more valuable? They are right. Well, let's in is reliever. Well, don't forget that. Well, but he's more starter. Right. He can do both. He could eat. Yeah. But I think they're bringing them in to be a starter. I would think. I think that's why you're gonna pay Lance Lynn ten million bucks. It's not my money though. That's the funny thing it's not my money. But it's just always like unfathomable to me when I look at the amount of money. Some of these players end up getting it just really incredible. I don't think we'd have the law jam like we had last year. You remember Lance Lynn didn't sign too late. He was one of those guys that was taking part of that crazy camp in Bradenton Florida the free agent training camp. Remember the spring training for the the free agent players. So he at least has signed early it. Seems that look I think what's interesting is when you talk about Manny Machado, and you talk about a Bryce Harper. You could eliminate ninety five percent of the teams in baseball from being involved in that. Right. I you know, that there's going to be ninety ninety five percent teams that are not gonna get involved. And those guys are already shopping in that bargain-basement been they're the ones that look at a Lance Lynn and say, hey, maybe there's good value there. That's the market for those guys. So I think the question's going to be for the big market teams. That may be interested in a Bryce Harper. Manny Machado when are they going to put some pressure on? The Scott Boris is the world saying, look, we gotta get something done here. Because in the meantime, other guys are signing elsewhere, right? If you're looking for an outfielder and Bryce Harper's who you've looked at and you end up not getting Bryce Harper who's going to be. Left on the market in two or three weeks, depending on when he's going to decide to sign at some point. You say, okay, we got a pivot away because we haven't gotten any word. Do we sign the Andrew McCarthy since the Phillies, frankly, did they make a statement by signing mccutchen? Which is. Yeah, we'll go and get ourselves the infielder Machado. But maybe we're not going to go after Bryce Harper. Like a lot of people say we are. Or are we going to now go out and spend another ridiculous amount of money and get Bryce Harper. We've brought in two new outfielders into the mix with Andrew mccutchen. And Bryce Harper. That's the interesting thing to me when you look at what's happening because I think teams don't wanna be used against each other. Right. Nobody wants to be put into a bidding war, and that's exactly where Scott Boras makes his money. He wants a bidding war for Bryce Harper. He wants a bidding war first clients. And the fact is a bidding war, though takes time. And if you have a bidding war teams going to get involved, and because the money is going to be so incredibly large. Then if you're willing to go thirty to thirty five million dollars a year on Bryce Harper, and you don't end up getting him. And then you have to pivot quickly away the warriors what's still left on the market by the time. I'm eliminated from the Harper competition or what's going to be left. If I'm looking for a shortstop slash third baseman wants Manny Machado signs, and I'm left holding the bag and the other names out. There are Freddie Galvez, and I'll Sita's Escobar and a Denny hetch of Iria guys who can't hit a lick. So I think that's what teams have to weigh here. Sean in terms of what exactly they need to do and getting involved with the big names, and how long are they willing to sit there and kind of have that money sitting there in escrow because they don't want obviously go out and start using it on other players to Bryce Harper makes a decision. They might be like crap we spent too much. We can't make that deal for Bryce Harper. Well, I mean, that's a possibility. But I don't see that happening. Because teams have an idea about Bryce Harper. They're talking to Scott Boris. They know if he has interest, so they're going to save the money until they hear his final answer. Yeah. But then they may hurt themselves. That is true. That's the problem. They may be hurting themselves. See I think the Phillies as much as I think they overpaid for Andrew mccutchen. Right. I think what the Phillies are looking at is. Look we need to outfielders. We're going to be in the Bryce Harper sweepstakes. Because we have a lot of money to spend. We got fifteen million dollars on the books this year and outfield with Andrew mccutchen. We can still fit another thirty thirty five million with Bryce Harper. Maybe another thirty million with Manny Machado, whatever it is. And maybe they can go out and make a big splash with everything. Right. That's the team that I think is going to be intriguing because if there's any team that potentially will go out and we'll get not just Harper, but also Machado. It's the Phillies. There's no other team in baseball right now, you can see spending money to bring in both Harper Machado and adding sixty to seventy million dollars payroll. The only team that can absorb that type of hit is affiliate because their payroll number isn't very high for next year. That would be fascinating, Sean. If the Philadelphia Phillies come out of the winter meetings or come out of the two thousand eighteen year, and they have signed Harper and Machado. And by the way, it's not crazy to think they could do it. Seriously. Heard that too. It is crazy that signing both of those guys. Why not? Why not six million? In two players for the next ten years. Yeah. They got the money. Got the money crazy. Seriously. They got the money to do it. Why not love to see it happen? I seven hundred million. Yeah, they're not doing that. I don't remember the Phillies are about to start their own regional networks soon to okay. They have a terrible TV deal. They're about to start their own regional network. To me be interesting to find out what that means financially. Because I thought there a big market team people show up at citizens Bank park, the Phillies, you know, are they make money. The question is if they get their regional network, they can be making a heck of a lot more money. If that's the case. Yes. Seven hundred million dollars over the next ten years from shadow and Harper, and you know, how packed the stands. No question about it for ten years going with those two big names. All right. So what did Tony LaRussa say backing up Harold Baines for a hall of fame induction? We'll tell you next going deep. Dan, Schwartzman, NBC sports radio in the NBC sports radio mobile app.

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