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The back driving through a snowstorm in the dark up amount to go to a quaint little town. So I can have a nice breakfast in the morning. I'm stressed the fuck. Hey, we get to the town. It's six inches of snow on the ground. My thing was is the point of New Mexico in the desert, if you're going to get snow, but that's 'cause like all right? I wasn't expecting it to be that cold. But I know it gets cold at night. We're all the precipitation come from. Cactus it right? Oh, yeah. It's bullshit. It's fucking shit mash living there cactuses wanna shit on the tumbleweed with ice crystals rolling through. Yeah. I don't wanna shit on the whole four corner states that embody the desert there. But like what the fuck is the point of y'all. It's also going to snow that don't hit. No, no hit. Yeah..

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