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Of agencies are affected. I'm Barton Egger. Now this Bloomberg sports update in the NHL raining. MVP Taylor hall had two goals and two assists. And New Jersey wrote it's top line to beat Ottawa five to two and snap a three game losing streak. Kyle Pell Murray added a goal and two assists Niko he sure had a goal in an assist and that line finished with nine points on the night as the doubles win for only the fourth time in the last seventeen games at Madison Square Garden, Ken base. More scored twenty two points. John Collins with seventeen points and sixteen rebounds. And the hawks rallied to beat the next one fourteen one of the seven the hawks had sudden players score in double figures and their second straight win trae young with fifteen points and Tennessee, Emmanuel moody, led the next with thirty two points in a losing effort and Lennox say, Kristaps Porzingis says left knee is getting better though, it could be at least two more months before he plays again. The Indiana Pacers school dope, honest team in the NBA. The Brooklyn nets at the Barclay center. The Pacers snap the net seven game winning streak. One fourteen one zero six Rudy owns Kubrick's groups led the nets with twenty four Victor, all the depot led the. Pacers with twenty-six Odell Beckham junior will miss a third consecutive game. With a quandary the giants take on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday jets wide receiver Quincy non-mobile miss his second straight game because of an ankle injury. And the Oakland Raiders had talks with the San Francisco Giants about playing home games at AT and T park next season. There was a blockbuster baseball trade on Friday, the dodgers shakeup their line of trading. Outfielders Yossi we and math camp and left-hander Alex would along with cash to the Cincinnati Reds for repair prospects. As part of a seven player deal. A health scare for Yankee lefthanders CC's Avandia so badly. I had a stent inserted after a blockage was founded an artery from his heart and the Yankees anticipate thirty eight year old pitcher will report to spring training on time. Limit signed outfielder Gregor Blanco to a minor league deal college football bowl action on the famous Idaho potato bowl Brigham Young defeated western Michigan forty nine eighteen and the Bahamas bowl, Florida international. Be Toledo thirty five thirty two. With a Bloomberg sports update. I'm Tom Rogers..

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