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Trump now describes his border wall as 'steel slats'


She's on the second floor and a gallery with other dinosaurs. And plant and animal fossils from her era. Sue was moved from the main floor to make room for maxima one hundred twenty two foot long Titanic sore. I'm Kim Gordon with neighborhood news sponsored by wintrust Chicago's community banks. And now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you, Judy. The Blackhawks have played much better over the past week going three one in one and they've won consecutive games. They'll look to make it three straight when they visit the avalanche in Denver tonight. I of five meetings between these two teams Colin Delia probable in net for the hawks. Chris Boden has your pre game at seven thirty here on WGN face off is at eight. The bulls will be without Zach LeVine and Bobby Portis tonight and the foreseeable future. Both dealing with ankle injuries bowls currently with the worst record in the NBA. They host the magic tonight. Final game before nine day holiday break for the northwestern. Wildcats they're eight and three they host Oklahoma. Welsh Ryan arena the Sooners with just one loss this season. Cats coming off a forty two point win over Chicago state earlier this week David and Joey Meyer have the call at seven forty five on AM one thousand and WGN radio dot com. Doesn't sound like Eddie Jackson Aaron Lynch will play on Sunday against the forty Niners. Matt Nagy says there doubtful Jackson dealing with an ankle injury. Lynch an elbow bear still fighting for a top two seed in the NFC they enter week sixteen tops in the NFL with thirty five takeaways. San Francisco is last with just five and in baseball. Daniel Murphy headed to the Rockies on a two year deal in the cardinals have added relief pitcher, Andrew Miller, the home

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