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What Josh Gordon's absence means for the Patriots - New England Patriots Blog- ESPN


Him yet again for substance abuse violations. The Twenty-seven-year-old Gordon played eleven games where the patriots this season forty. One catches averaging eighteen yards a reception with four touchdowns. The patriots nine and five two games to go there. Especially vulnerable right now says Marc spears of ESPN we always give New England benefit of the Dow and talk about them finding other ways to wear football games. But in my opinion, this to me this year, this particular situation where Josh Gordon leaving the NFL to deal with his own personal issues is more of a blow to. To the New England Patriots that we've seen in recent years ESPN, Adam Schefter agrees when they got him an integrated him into the offense it came alive for a while. And he took some of the pressure of some of the other receivers because he was a guy had to watch deep and account for dole times. And this is a patriot author said it's been missing playmakers on a regular basis. So they now take maybe arguably one of the top playmakers and that offense get him out of there. It's one less playmaker. For a team. That's been struggling it makes the patriots even more vulnerable than they've been this season, Gordon soul. Pro season came in a second year with the Browns five years ago. Eighty-seven catches sixteen hundred forty six yards nineteen yards. A catch and nine touchdowns. Sports at fifteen and forty five hundred news one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS holiday, tips and wine stories from Paul Kristen and Dexter at total

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