Italian architect Renzo Piano to design new Genoa bridge


The Italian architect. Renzo piano will oversee the construction of a new bridge in Genoa following the collapse of the former stature that killed forty three. People tennis of Mathilde designed for the new structure for free and says his bridge will be completed in twelve months, and we'll lost for a thousand years. We'll Markle's Ivan Kavala joins us now from Milan Ivan the bridge collapsed in August. It was a terrible disaster. The loss of life, obviously, also economically. Yes, sir. That's true. In terms of the traffic going into general poor because it's a critical port for northern Italy. The estimates so far range between a billion and two billion euros in terms of lost revenue. So it's been an economic killer for for region that for longtime has been has been isolated in this bridge collapse. Only were. In that situation for Genoa and the Liguria region. So how political has this? We building process being. Well, yes, for sure politics have have entered into the fray here because you have different factions always within the government itself if you think about the governing coalition with the the populace five star. And then the the league, you know, the five star has been noted for their opposition to infrastructure projects the tavern project in the Nevada Sousa region. That would connect Leon with with Turin. There's been a lot of movement against these these projects and also a bypass highway by system in general itself, which was long discussed and would have been actually a great help. If if it had been in place, or at least part of it had been in place when when when the it collapsed, and so there are a lot of finger pointing there's also the minister of infrastructure. To know any himself who you know, has said that in the past old bridge wouldn't collapse and five star movement. Exponents been saying that, you know, there was a lot of gloom and doom that it wasn't true. And then of course, we we saw the tragedy in August. And so the government at least the five star component is trying to now say say face on that. But on the inside if you look at the the administration there, you have a mayor whose independent, but central right? And that's the first time there's been a center right leading the city since nineteen seventy five with the governor from fourteen Talia, and they together have been seen as a team. That's that's helped this process moving along. We're now we have this announcement that with Renzo piano design, we'll possibly in twelve months, see at least most of the bridge completed. I'm not sure if in twelve months, they'll be traffic running across. Those those lanes, but there is hope one can say Renzo piano himself is from Genoa. And of course, as we know he's designed some of the most famous buildings in the world the pump descend to the shot at the Whitney museum and so on. But this is his hometown. He told Laura Republica that what was needed was beautiful and safe bridge that we provide a rebirth and redemption for Genoa, this really isn't just another bridges at this a lot of emotion behind it. Definitely. I mean, you think about Renzo piano. He has done some projects if you think about the poor twenty co in Germany when the city hosted as a cultural capital ninety two he he has done something's there. But this this would obviously be a landmark project something along the lines of the buildings that you've mentioned before that fit. He is known for and really the city needs something uplifting right now because this was just a terrible tragedy. And also. Reinforced the relation of an area that has has long been impeded by this and could really be abuse economically. I mean think about the railway tunnel one of the companies said he improperly, which is now being handed the job to do the bridge design or the bridge construction. I should say they're involved in finally getting together, the railway tunnels that would link up general with with Milan. And this thing has been going along in delays since the early nineties and finally, proper, let's say construction and digging has has has begun in the last few years, and there's hope that in twenty twenty one if all goes, well, this would be a key link between Genoa all the way through Germany and Rotterdam and would help Genoa because for example, right now, see traffic with containers.

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