Falling For What Feels Right

Jamesone Podcast


Chapter one. I three states prudence to simple knowledge indiscretion to the young. Our society falls victim to accepting. What feels right? Be imprudent means to show care and offer the feature a society is infatuated with proving their worth and their importance because of our short-sighted thinking short victories. We have no consideration for the long-term vacations of our actions. But don't want to seem weak or Natta quit. So we risk everything to establish our influence and impact. Consideration for the future. Wisdom in our younger years is boring. Is remarkable. It's safe hot will truly make a Mark or stay silent. There's nothing more impactful and observing it using our time and effort officially thoughtfully. We don't need to be highly educated to make a true impact and someone's life. Young in mind and simple. Pence ity to fall for what feels right? Our interpretation for what's good but understand that growth in wisdom. Only comes from adversity and humility. Holding onto our limited perceptions benefits. No one. True, peace joy and happiness ability to dismiss what feels right? Appreciate what is right. What does that mean? It means that we must accept reality. And discover own path to self preservation. That will fills rate from what others experienced. We're all unique. Don't degrade your individuality. The simple should resist group groupthink to appease others. The young show resist it obtain to disregard, wisdom and discretion to feign independence. We should appreciate positive sage Innis and learning not create false realities. Thank you for listening. Visit a website James one dot or the final future episode and the content of show then you're getting tune in next time for another Dili message third.

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