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News center. WSB covers the midterm elections in Georgia and across the nation voters in Mississippi will decide to run off election today between Republicans Senate appointee, Cindy, Hyde Smith and former congressman in US agriculture secretary. Mike Espy ABC's Tom yomas says the runoff is underway amid allegations of racism allegations of racism involves some things that Senator Cindy Hyde Smith has said that people said we're racist. She has since apologized for those comments. But the issue of race has become front and center in this election. Now, there's no reliable polling. So it's unclear if this racist even tight that being said a lot of Republicans are here, including the president trying to make sure they don't lose this Senate seat. Now, if Espy Wednesday become Mississippi's first black Senator in Georgia, the president endorses. Republican Brad Rapids burger over democrat. John barrow for secretary state early. Voting is underway here through Friday for secretary of state and public service commission. The runoff is a week from today. Democrats Stacey Abrams has filed suit today, alleging gross mismanagement of the November six election here in Georgia Abrahams calls for greater accountability. She accuses governor elect Brian camp of voter suppression. When he served a secretary, stay be sure and stay with WSB as we continue to cover, the midterm elections and.

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