Redskins pick up linebacker days after domestic violence arrest


Was a linebacker for the San Francisco forty Niners. You got into trouble over the weekend on domestic violence charges down in Tampa. And from there the Washington Redskins have determined. They were going to sign him at he was released by said forty Niners more on the story now. Brian Clark ABC news. That's just a quick synopsis. I have what are the details. Now, we'll Tony Reuben foster very talented linebacker from Alabama as you said he had top ten talent going into the twenty seventeen draft but fell because of all feel concerned he was the forty Niners essentially took a chance on them thirty first overall than last off season he was arrested on felony domestic violence charges. His accuser, then recanted said he made the story up. He was also accused of having an assault. Rifle. So he was put on probation. He can't own guns. But then just this weekend with the forty Niners in Tampa hours before a game against the buccaneers. He's arrested at the team hotel for an alleged misdemeanor incident involving that same woman. So the forty Niners announced Sunday morning they were going to cut him Monday. And then Tuesday the Redskins scooped him up and signed him. Well, that's got to be a PR nightmare for the Redskins. But it appears the Jay Gruden the coach of the Redskins in the team ownership doesn't really care about that. Well point though, Tony because Jay Gruden met the media yesterday. But the team ownership Daniel Snyder the president Bruce Allin day didn't they're nowhere to be found. They have not spoken publicly about this. Doug Williams, the director of player personnel for the team. He released a statement saying we talked to some of Rubens teammates from Alabama who are on the Redskins, and they were supportive of this. But two of them have said, no, they didn't ask us anything about Ruben foster. So there are some questions about the what the ownership has to say about this. But that's where the coach Jay Gruden did speak yesterday. He took a. Kind of a cautious approach. We said look there's a lot that has to take place before he plays for us. There's the legal system has to play out the NFL disciplined system and there's the Redskins policy right now. He's on the exempt list. The commissioners exemplify that means he cannot practice or play with the team, but he can attend meetings. Well, of course, there's been some issues with the NFL and players who have had domestic violence issues and this all culminated in policy changes by the NFL. So where's the league now? And this the Commissioner's exempt list is really the main the most recent change we've seen we saw that in response in high profile incident a few years ago where it's sort of a grey area where it's not a player being suspended. It's essentially a a, wink wink suspension where they can't play they can't practice, but they're not officially formerly suspended. It's essentially letting the process play out. So that's where the NFL mainly is right now the league does have a policy, obviously, a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. So there will be. Disciplined from the Commissioner's office if this is proven to be true. But yeah, it has been an ongoing. Story for the NFL ongoing story really in society, and it's not a good one.

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