President Trump, Chuck Schumer And Steve Scalise discussed on Larry Eldar


Thank you. So very much. About the wall. Steve Scalise is the house whip the Republican whip meaning job his job is to count votes. And he talked about the possibility of a government shutdown doesn't think there will be one and says Trump feels that he wants at least five billion dollars for the wall to wall. Is reportedly going to call us if it were to be built about twenty five billion dollars. So Donald Trump wants five billion to be in this Bill. And here's what Scalise said or part that is Democrats Chuck Schumer more to the point one point six billion. The president wants five ain't gonna happen. You say we've already funded one point five billion dollars. But President Trump's very clear that five billion dollars is the number that needs to be included for this to work. And so these negotiations are ongoing, but again, President Trump's from the very clear, and I think if you see what this caravan where you have people not trying to come in the legal way, but literally trying to attack our law enforcement personnel at the border that border security is a top priority of keeping America safe. And I'm glad that President Trump continues to make sure that this is going to be addressed. And it will be all right now. So you're convinced that this will happen. Would you risk a government shutdown to make it happen? I guess that's a question. Chuck Schumer is going to have to ask, you know, he was in that boat a few years ago and. It didn't work well for Chuck Schumer during the Schumer's shutdown. But ultimately, there's an opportunity for an agreement to be reached here, and it's all about border security and five billion dollars is the number. Five billion to offset the deficit getting an even deeper we're we're negotiating that right now. And again, the the negotiations are ongoing both sides are going to have to figure this out. But President Trump's been very clear how this is going to end it's gonna end with five billion dollars being put in place are not taking money away from ice or other agencies that are vital to homeland security about new money to ensure that we have border security, including the wall. So that we can keep America safe now, according to border patrol we're talking about one thousand nine hundred and fifty four miles that's uncovered and our southern border, and according to the border patrol of that one thousand nine hundred plus miles three hundred and fifty four protected by what's called a pedestrian primary fence, which is single fence. Thirty seven mile to produce Rian secondary fat, which is double layered fencing, fourteen mile to production tertiary or triple layer fence and three hundred miles a covered by vehicle fencing, which will stop a truck. But we'll let anybody walk through without a problem. So that's seven hundred and five miles out of a total of nineteen fifty four. Now, nobody thinks there should be a barrier on all almost two thousand. But Donald Trump says we need about a thousand miles because you have natural barriers now what happened to the Bill that was passed. What was the two thousand six bipartisan?.

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